Great News for all the Affiliates and Online Marketers!!!

Get 99% of your work done at one place at a very affordable price!!!


1. Collect and manage email subscribers (no more email marketing service)

2. Send unlimited emails (no more silly sending restrictions)

3. Build high-quality websites (no more searching for the right WordPress theme or hiring an external design firm)

4. Create high-converting sales pages (no more landing page services or plugins)

5. Create membership sites (no more WooCommerce woes)

6. Sales funnels (no more expensive autoresponder services)

7. Create videos (no more expensive videographers & editors)

8. Track SEO metrics (no more rank tracking tools)

9. On page SEO reports

10. Click maps and heat maps to learn about your visitor’s behavior

11. And MUCH more to help you minimize costs, time, and run your business smoothly

Those are the ones you possibly expected from an IM tool, but here are some you didn’t:

12. Create Android and iOS apps (no more figuring out how to do that or hiring an expensive developer)

13. Build presentations

14. Create animated videos

15. A complete design studio for mockups and box designs

16. Browser notifications to use on pages

17. Link unlimited domains to your websites

18. Fantastic support material to teach you each and every feature
And this only scratches the surface

These are the amazing features which reduce Human work and save you a lot of time.

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The Affiliate Program is really something else! It not only allows you to promote a product that is fantastic, outperforming competitors such as Clickfunnels, but it’s a great time to get involved in promoting, as business’s are yearning for a simple, drag n drop, sales funnel + website builder.
Not only that, but the sooner you get involved, the sooner you can benefit from referring other affiliates to the program, helping them make commissions, alongside you making 2-tier commissions.

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Oh, if you refer 100 people to the platform, We will happily give you $500 per month to your car lease, or if you’re really eager, and you refer 200 people, that’s $1000 per month!
So what are you waiting for, join up today, and don’t let the opportunity slip by!

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Commission Structure​​​​​​​

They pay affiliates one time 100% commissions + 30% residual income each month of the sales price which is $29.90 (for a regular account) or $49 (for the affiliate plan).

And above that you can earn from the leads that purchase the $49 plan if they also get leads, so if they make money you do too. In this way you can easily earn $2000 residual income every month by just 15–20 sales. As long as you train your tier 2 affiliates to also get sales.​​​​​​​

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So take this scenario :
You sell one license per day (30 sales), 50% of the buyers choose Business, every Business Owner after you make 30 sales as well with the same 50% conversions.

Your Direct Sales
15 sales x 29.90 (BA Platform)
= $448.50 USDFirst Payment + $134.00 USD Recurring Payment

15 sales x 49.90 (BA Business)
= $748.50 USD First Payment + $224.00 USD Recurring Payment

Sales of the Business Owners associated with your business
15 Business Owners makes 15 sales each (BA Platform) = 225 Sales x $9.00 USD commission = $2,025.00 USD Recurring Payments
15 Business Owners makes 15 sales each (BA Business) = 225 x $14.00 USD Commission = $3,150.00 USD Recurring Payments
You made 30 sales, but now you have:
Total = 480 users on your network generating $5,533.00 USD Monthly recurring payments!

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You can make upto 12000$ per month as a beginner using our 2 TIER AFFILIATE system.

Don't Be Left Behind Join Today.